Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jason had CT scans done on thursday {feb 18} and we went back down to huntsman for the results friday. All looks amazing!! {since the last scan in december} NO new growths, and the spots in his lungs have grown very little!!! so yay!! :)) so the plan is still on for going down sunday to start treatment... {pretty much scared out of our minds} we have been doing research on the IL2 the past few days {bad idea!!} i highly recommend everyone to STAY AWAY from the internet when going through something like this...its seems that the only ones who comment on the things are those with bad experiences! The Dr. also told us that jasons cancer is the weirdest he has ever seen, his tumors/spots are in the airways, not just spots in the lung tissue. He told us that he has never seen this yay for him! {he gets a new experience}

we learned that the IL2 shouldnt make Jasons hair fall most just thin it out a little bit {which wouldnt hurt at this point in time!} also it wont effect the spermies.... {lol} so we wont have to worry about troubles getting prego {later in life} The nurse who informed us of this on friday made us laugh pretty hard, after telling us there was nothing to worry about with fertility, so have a good weekend BUT... lol {maybe its one of those "you had to be there moments"}

While we were at the hospital on friday our social worker came to talk to us about all this, and was shocked at how well we are handling this. How we see it is that you cant dwell on it, or it will RUIN your life. Its a lot to take in and it is very hard to deal with, but its here theres not much more we can do about it... but fight it n kick its ass!!! :)) I told her that its the hardest to deal with when im at work. N that my favorite is when people ask me if im "OK", ya, "are you sure, i heard"{of course you heard theres signs posted all over the work place!! along with the newspaper!! and its a SMALL town!!} then once convincing them that i am in fact ok, they insist on telling me their cancer story, about the grandma having breast cancer or something like that{which is NOTHING like melanoma} and i know im sounding like a major BIOTCH!!! but it gets old...along with peoples nasty comments, it would be best if people who dont know what to say, would say nothing!! just ask how i am talk about work ANYTHING but cancer, we prefer not to think about it everyday. When were home, it doesnt exist...its me Jason n Frankie :) {NO CANCER}

well were spending our first night in the HUNTSMAN tonight, and we are already bored out of our minds!! we brought down the laptop {obviously} and the wii, we went n bought new games a couple days ago{family game night, super mario bros} and ofcourse we didnt charge the wii remotes before we came so they are dead :( but charging now! so i will be kicking jasons trash at ALL GAMES tomorrow thru saturday!!

I think that is all that has happened in the past week or so.... if anyone has questions feel free to ask {that would help me decide what to write!}

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  1. Don't worry, I am ready to be a pitt bull to anyone who says anymore nasty comments! Thanks for the laughs at work!