Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Two

well day 2 was a little rougher than day one... Jason has pretty much slept all day, he recieved a dose at about 1 this morning, then another at 930. He did good with the first one, and not too bad with the second, until about 2 hours after recieving it. He got extremely nauseas, and rigors way bad. So they gave him demoral, which makes the shakes stop...but also puts him out for about 4-5 hours.. Today he started to show more side effects from the drugs... his pulse has gone up to around 100 regularly {when starting they were worried because he normally has a low pulse{50ish}} last night {while puking} his pulse skyrocketed up to 148. He has pretty much completely turned red {looks like he is sunburned} and has had a temperature of about 100 all day. He hasnt done much but sleep today!

The nurses and aides are all really nice...but i wish they would talk!! one of the nurses on today came in ALL THE TIME {and honestly we thought he didn't/couldn't talk!!} then we heard him talk to another nurse{we were shocked!} i guess maybe they all just dont know what to say to us {since a lot of people dont} but i wish that they would at least tell us what they are doing {they do when its drugs} but when they are fiddling around with the monitor...they could tell us, make it a little less awkward... our room is right across from the nurses station which makes it even more awkward {the one wall is almost completely glass} i swear every time i look out there they are staring at us!!

The dr came in today {like usual} he is pretty much in shock with Jason heart {sinus arrhythmia} he tells us that he has NEVER seen it before, but talked to cardiologists and they say its normal {nothing to worry about} we were told what jason platelets were, a little over 100, and dr said since jason has the brain tumor he doesnt want it any lower than 40! so..we have a few more doses to go... we have gone through 5 now and were told that Jason would probably go through around 7 or 8. so hopefully he will stopped being pumped full after tomorrow...

Jasons temp has now gone up to 101, they just got done taking blood, 2 from his pic line and 2 from vein in the other arm. {they are worried that his pic line may be causing an infection which would be causing his temp :s so we will find out in a little while....Jason was just okayed for another dose of IL2 so the labs must have come back good...

well i think thats all that really happened today {not too exciting} so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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