Thursday, March 4, 2010

back to work...

well today was our first day back to went good...Jason waited until i went in to go in{he usually goes in at 4, i dont have to be to work until 6} It went well for the both of us... he is just really sore and still pretty ucky feeling... I think the most annoying part about going back to work is the same question over n over n over... "how did last week go?" well really i dont know how to answer this... {it was pretty much hell.} if i told people " iffy" they would ask how so? {i believe by saying "iffy" you are nicely stating that it was HELL} some people wanted all the details {thats what the blog is for!!!} so i finally got to the point of just saying "it went" most people had the same reaction to that "that bad?" shake my head yes and the conversation was over! {wish i knew this one the beginning of my shift!} and note to all : i dont want to offend anyone with this...but a girl has to vent every-now-n-again! so dont take it to heart!! {i still love you all!} Jason told me work went well for him, for the most part... altho he is staying home with me tomorrow {i have it off! lol dont want to over do it!! {i work the weekend}} he is still pretty sick to his stomach...and sore. and of course he still has that nasty headache of his! {which i am so hoping goes away fast with his steroids!}

Frankie came home today!! oh how we have missed him and his laziness!! {he has been in Idaho for the past week or two}

I was asked today if Jason could drive... i didnt realize i hadnt posted anything on that yet... legally after having a seizure you cannot drive for 3 months... {from your last seizure, not the first!} so Jason still has a couple of months to go... but says that it makes it somewhat okay since when he can finally drive again it will be warm enough to ride the motorcycle!! :))

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