Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving to now :)

we celebrated thanksgiving with my family this year, in Idaho where it was FREEZING!!! ugh! we drove out there Tuesday the 23, the day of our awful "blizzard" {the blizzard wasnt as bad as they said it was going to be} but the roads SUCKED!! it took close to 2 hours n it usually only takes an hour. when we finally made it to my parents house we started watching the news come to find out the road was closed..n had been for a while...oops! they really need to get better at posting it being closed! :) but either way we made it safe n sound..n slowly! We celebrate thanksgiving a day early with my family, it makes it easier for all of us to be there {theres 6 kids, 4 are a few close friends! so we have a houseful!} we had such a good time! {we always do...never a dull moment when were with my family, we are all very loud! n hold nothing back, makes for some good laughs!} After gaining about 50 pounds we played a few games then watched zombieland {if you havent seen it, you HAVE to watch it, hilarious!!}
We came home Thursday, we wanted to leave early...ya right! everyone knows were ALWAYS late!! lol so we headed out around 5...we were really worried the roads were going to SUCK since it had been so cold, but they actually were really good!
Friday we went shopping! {of course cant miss black friday!} We werent really looking for anything, just going for the fun of it...but we ended up with a christmas tree{we broke down n bought a fake one :s}, digital camera, and Jareth n Wesleys x-mas gift :) We got our tree put up friday, all decorated n looking good! {i LOVE it!}
Sunday, it stormed...all day! {im so sick of the snow, i hate being cold} so after work i started shoveling the driveway {jason told me if i did it, it would count as my work out for the day lol} well it sucked! i am almost to the point of paying someone to do it! ;)but our wonderful neighbor walked out while we were shoveling the sidewalk and told us not to worry, he would get it with his snowblower once it stopped we were done! ;) yay for great neighbors! Later in the day, Jason received a blessing, from his Uncles, Lance n Miles, along with his dad {john} we had such a good visit with everyone who came {miles n jo, lance n kay, John n zach}
the surgery is getting so close! i cant believe its already time! but were still really excited and feeling good about it.

it was -13 at my moms, and by the time we made it to my sisters where we were staying it was -16 :(
Our Christmas tree! :)
ok, so i know i said i shoveled it, but a girl can only do so much ;)

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  1. I enjoyed catching up on your blog and I like your layout and pictures. (it is a work of art).Prayers for both of you with the surgery this week.