Saturday, November 20, 2010

brain surgery....

the surgery has been scheduled! well the pre op has anyways!! we have to be in SLC at the U of U hospital December 1st for blood work, and later that evening for an MRI to map out where the tumors are in jasons brain. After the blood work results have come back and as long as they are all good and within normal ranges we will be told a time for surgery for the 2nd, the surgery will also be done at the U of U hospital, which is right below the huntsman}. Jason will be staying in the ICU the night of the 2nd {as long as all the blood work comes back good n the surgery is done} then hopefully He will only have to stay in a regular hospital room 3 nights at the most, before getting to come home :)

we have been asked by quite a few people lately what they can do to help...well the only things we can really thing of are food, and financials...n you all know we hate to ask..but we know we need help... as you all know jason hasnt been to work in months, and i work as much as i can...but with the brain surgery were unsure with how jason will react with everything, so were unsure when i will be going back to work{the account at America First Credit Union is still open, Jason Schenk Charitable Account}... and well honestly...were always up for free food :))


  1. Hello darlings, put together a list of things you like to eat and I will get on it. Also remember that I am on the way to and from the hospital so if you need a rest stop my home is yours. Clean bed, quite and free food. If you need taxi service I can drive(scary)you in and pick you up. Love and prayers always, Aunt Chris

  2. thanks chris! :) we pretty much like all food! {except sea food..eww lol} thanks again!