Thursday, November 25, 2010

being thankful...

so ive seen a lot of people writing posts about what they are thankful for and decided i would join them! :)
i am so very thankful for
-Jason, my wonderful hubby even tho he makes my life hell some days, i am MADLY in LOVE with him!
-Frankie...he will always be my baby :)
-the fact that "real love stories never have endings"
-My wonderful crazy, LOUD family, and how close we have all become as we get older, i know i can always count on them for anything!
-Jareth n Wesley, how innocent and full of life they are, i LOVE them much n much! ;)
-all of my AMAZING friends!
-pictures, to catch all of the precious moments in our lives
-work, for both jason and myself, and the fact that they work with our hectic schedules!
-coming from a small community, its like having a HUGE family, that i can count on...
-drs, hospitals, modern medicine, you all know the hell we have been thru the past year, and im positive it would be so much worse without the amazing drs we have had
-the ability to make my own choices. whether its what dr to go to, what procedure to have done or even just what to eat for dinner, i am glad i have the right to choices, and a wonderful husband who backs up the choices i make {the important ones}
-the ability to stand up for myself, this is newly acquired! and i LOVE it!!
-all of the amazing people who are in the military, i have an extremely close friend in Afghanistan right now, and am so thankful for her n all the sacrifices she has made to fight for out country, love you Brit!
-the people who stalk this lovely work of art! {blog}
-for people who have nothing but positive thoughts towards us
-for having the ability to "block" the ones that are just plain rude.
-texting, since theres always those awful times that its just too hard to talk..
-to have a roof over our heads.
-all of the time that Jason and I get to spend together, we have become so much closer over the past 11 months...
-depressive days, i know WTF?! but really i can't be shooting sunshine out my ass ALL the time, and with my life...HELL no! ;)
-i am EXTREMELY thankful for all of the people who have helped us, and are helping us.... we appreciate you all so much! more than words can ever explain!
Now, i am certain i could go on and on, and i will probably add a little to this post every now n again, but for now i am done, {im crying...time to stop} i am so thankful for my life, altho there are many days i hate it and wonder why i have to be the one that deals with the crappiness of a cancerous hubby, and all else that has happened lately...but i LOVE the people in my life, and know that it will all be worth the fight {hopefully soon!} i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! we did!!


  1. Geez Hope, you almost made me cry in front of the guys! ha ha! love ya!

  2. We'll be thinking and praying for you and Jason this week, that all goes well with the surgery. Love you.