Tuesday, November 9, 2010


so we just finished reading a book called Stronghold by Joe Fornear. It is about a man who is diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, and lives {but it never was in his brain, and thats where all our problems come from..} It was very interesting to read all of the things that he tried, most of which jason has done all of them...a long with the pain meds. it got a little too religious in parts but overall was a very good read and i would recommend it to everyone! especially to our families...i think it was very informative about cancer, the treatment, and drugs....

I also just finished a Grief Observed by C.S Lewis, and i really liked it. His books get a little confusing, but this was just some of his thoughts after his wife had died from cancer{ it doesnt say what kind she died from} He explains his understanding of grief and how he feels towards his wife dying, the world, along with god...

and im uber excited to start my new book today, The Last Lecture, that is written by a professor who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. ive read good things about it..so im pretty excited to start it! n ill let you know how it is once i finish!

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