Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Huntsman November 16, 2010

well we had our appointment with Huntsman today, and figured we would be hearing our options on radiation...but we were wrong! after a LONG 50 minute wait we finally saw the dr...

we were informed that according to the MRI that was sent down from ST. Lukes in Twin, Jasons Neurosurgeons {jensen and Shrieve} would say that everything is stable! there is some more swelling, around other tumors, but over all they all look very stable. Also most if not all of the tumors have bled, which means they are DEAD! or at least dying! yay! so the treatment plan we heard today, which is completely Jasons choice to go thru or not... is brain surgery... kinda a big deal! lol but dr jensen wants to go in a remove the first tumor {the one who started all this cancer crap!} all the blood around it and hopefully a tumor next to it!

the dr says worst case scenario, jason will be set back about a month with speech and possibly ROM in his arm...but that is WORST case scenario, and theres only about a 30% chance of it happening {if he had to give it a number}

so Jason has chosen to go with the surgery, and hopefully it will be done the first week of December, we were given the option to have it done before thanksgiving but dont want jason to be feeling crappy for the holiday, plus black friday! ;)

Also by doing brain surgery, it will show if the tumors are truly dead, and give the drs an idea of how well the treatment has worked. along with ending jasons blood brain barrier, which means the trial chemo will now go into his brain!
if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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