Tuesday, November 16, 2010

as of late...

well we have a lot going on the past week or so...that has well been rough...so we havent been up for talking to anyone too much lately but are slowly getting back to normal {well as normal as our lives get} so i just wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know we heard back from the huntsman last week, Jasons Neurosurgeons {yes he has 2!} met and presented his case with the tumor board, and apparently it didnt go too bad cause we are to be down there today at 4 to find out what the treatment plan is.. {i had jason call to make sure there was going to be a treatment plan, cause thats a long drive and a waste of money if they are just going to tell us they are doing nothing...}
And i finished my book, it was good! definitely a tear jerker!! so if anyone has any recommendations i would be more than glad to hear them! we dont have TV so reading helps pass the time...and is just overall so much better than gettin fat in front of the TV! {even tho we are AMAZING at that!}

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