Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21

well jason has been feeling pretty good since starting the trial friday. While we were there Steve had told us that the person who started it before Jason was having no symptoms. {jason is the second person to do the trial at ST Lukes} but we were also told that people doing it in Boise had to symptoms either. So we were pretty stoked, hoping that Jason would be the same! but...of course not that would make things too easy!
he hasnt been feeling the great the past couple days..but it got worse last night and really bad tonight. last night when he got into bed he had an extremely bad headache and his eyes were red and sore, and he told me that he had gotten up to puke in the middle of the night..well tonight is even worse.... he puking started early...around 730ish...took his temp of course he has a fever 99.6 he is also looking a little jaundice. so we called St Lukes to see what it is were supposed to be doing, but no one is in the cancer center after hours so they transfered us to internal medicine..which did NO GOOD she told us to call back in the morning. WTF!? so were waiting to hear back from another dr to find out what to do. we were told that the trial wouldnt cause a fever, so i am confused on what it is i am supposed to be doing...i tried talking him in to going to the ER but he doesnt want i am waking him up every so often to recheck his temp.
He had been in bed for about 30-40 minutes when i heard him puking, i thought he had made it to the bathroom...i was wrong!! poor jason was covered...along with our freshly made he got in the shower n our bed was once again made with clean EVERYTHING! rechecked his temp still 99.6 so at least its not going up super fast... oh n to top it off he is extremely confused...he went to call ST Lukes, and handed me back the phone because he has no idea how to use it... {he used to have one identical to it!}

so this is my night...waking up every hour to take a temp on someone who just gives me dirty looks because he has no idea what i am hoping that i can get a little bit of sleep in n that his fever will go down so we dont have to visit the ER {we always end up being there for at least 5 hours!}

well that kept me occupied for a little while...time to go recheck a temp!

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