Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arizona October 8-11

i know its long over due...but i have been busy not to mention exhausted! :) We had such a great time in Arizona! {we always do!} we went down friday and spent the weekend with timari n the girls, then Sunday had a great day at a BBQ with all of our friends there! we had such a great time! thanks everybody!!
Monday we had an early start at the hospital, the took an x-ray of jasons chest {he has had a cough since the last visit to Arizona} it showed some fluid in his left lung so the dr put him on an antibiotic. He had labs taken, all came back normal! {which is surprising since jason has had all the chemo, his labs have always come back good!} Jason was given a stronger pain med for his head aches, his hydrocodone hasnt really helped too much :( so they gave him Dilaudid. {narcotic pain reliever} they also had him up his dexamethasone{steroid, but he has tried this in the past, it doesnt help} As of now he has only taken his Dilauded a few times so he hasnt exactly decided if he likes it or not..

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