Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting with Twin October 12

we met with the dr in Twin on the 12, to find out if jason would be accepted into the trial. we got there a few minutes late {go figure!} and of course had NONE of the paperwork for them {history that they mailed to the house, but we hadnt been home since early friday} so we had to fill it out there which sucked, we were rushed n it was just a pain! well after we finally got the paperwork all filled out, we went back to meet with the dr. she got our history{the hospital had misplaced it, thank god im psycho about keeping records of EVERYTHING from the hospital} so we pretty much just passed around our binder full of papers. The dr did a skin check {we were told she was going to do a full physical..but didnt} after meeting with the dr, and learning all about the trial, jason had labs done {all of his labs have to be done at the hospital in twin since its lab is certified by the government for a trial, which really sucks cuz it is a 3 hour drive!!! and labs have to be done at least one day before he is to be injected with the drug} we had to wait to hear back from the hospital, the next day, to know if jason was in or not...

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