Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct 22-24 friday, saturday, sunday

i am very grateful to work for a place that understands what i am dealing with, and gives me days off for my hubby being sick :) they completely understood when i called in thursday night. :)
Well thursday night i was up checking Jasons temp every never reached 100, and we never heard from the drs {eww!!} so we called them again the next day, and of course all fo the trial dr's were out fo town until the 25! so we talked to the triage nurse, who made an appointment to see Jason's regular physician here in Logan. He had labs drawn then we saw his dr. The labs all came back good, so the dr just told us to keep an eye on the symptoms and of they got worse to go into the er {thanks for nothing!} jason's eye was still really bothering him, so after seeing dr huffman, we went n saw dr young, an ophthalmologist, who gave jason a prescription for a steroid type eye drop {which we never got filled, his eyes stopped hurting} but he did say jasons eyes looked all within the normal range!

Jason woke up with his fever, again! he moved from our bed to the couch, and slept all day! he finally woke up around 630ish i took hos temp again, and it was over 100. so i got him some tylenol and a cold rag n held that on his head trying to cool him down a bit, while he took his test for school...after taking his test his was just laying on the couch, and randomly just PUKED!!! all over EVERYTHING!!! he was covered, along with his laptop, blanket, and couch! {i am so sick of vomit!} so he went up for a shower, after that we checked his temp again...this time it was 101.6, so we went to the ER. the visit was about 5 hours {it is never any shorter} they did blood work, cultures to check for blood infections, from his port and arm {2 different areas that way if one comes positive its easier to find out where the infection is} and tried for over an hour to get a hold of the clinical trial people. but that never happened to we winged it {sort of} we had to wat for all the labs to come back to check liver function and everything before giving jason any meds. Finally when all the labs came back good {his white blood cells were a little high} they gave him some tylenol to help with the fever, and some anti nausea meds. after waiting a little while, the dr came in and decided to get a chest xray {thank goodness!} and come to find out Jason has Pneumonia! so they pumped him full of antibiotics, IV and pills then gave us the option to either stay at the hospital of go home for the night and come back..we went home! the hospital is like a 20 minutes drive, or a quick call to 911, so i wasnt too worried about getting back if something happened for the worse in the middle of the night.

Sunday October 24
we attempted to sleep in {but sleep doesnt come to easy.} so we checked jasons temp in the morning, and it was coming down! {it had started in the er, but by sunday morning it was below 99.5!} we chilled out on the couch for a little while, then headed to walmart to fill jasons prescription {zpak} then back to the hospital. it felt that we had sat there for well over an hour before the dr decided to do more antibiotics. When we first got there they couldnt decide if they wanted to do more antibiotics or not since he seemed to be doing so much better!} so the antibiotics finally got started and about 2 hours later we got to come home! they also did another WBC {white blood count} it had lowered from the day before so it was back to normal!

we never could get a hold of the drs for the trial, which really pisses me off, since they want us to tell them as soon as he starts to feel symptoms, but we cant seem to do that when ALL the symptoms start after hours!! but luckily none of what jason was feeling was symptoms to the chemo, it was all the pneumonia. so hopefully the next doses jason feels normal, and doesnt get sick!
Jason seems to be feeling much better, but is still exhausted and sleeps most of the day {but if i could i would too!}

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