Thursday, October 21, 2010

3rd hospital in less than a year?!

YUP! we were called by steve at ST Lukes in Twin the 13 n told that all of jason's labs came back good {he doesnt have HIV!!} so he was to start the trial on Friday the 15! {which kind of sucked since its a 3 hour drive one way, and we went twice in one week!!}

Friday October 15, first day of trial!
we got to twin around 1 for Jason's first treatment, and they didnt start until after 3! it takes an hour n a half to inject the drug, then we have to hang around for a whole hour after for observation! {every time!} so we didnt get to leave until after 6 which totally sucked! but hopefully worth it!

we were told by the main nurse on the trial that the drug is unknown to pass through the blood brain barrier. If he had brain surgery the blood brain barrier is broken so it would pass, but since jason has only had radiation it will not pass. BUT it hasnt been studied to see if it passes through or not.. the drug is supposed to train the immune system to fight against cancer cells, so if the drug works correctly the and trains the immune system there will be no problem with the blood brain barrier. they also told us that the drug can mess up babies to no getting pregnant while jason taking it n up to 6 months after {uh duh! seems to be the story of our lives..everywhere we go were told DONT GET PREGO!} steve {the main nurse for the study} told us only sex with condoms n spermicidal lube! {the drug hasnt been studied on fetus reaction, but they believe it can and will cause some major birth deffects!}

i think that is all we learned about the if you have any questions really feel free to ask! {and if your embarrassed to ask publicly, try doing it anonymously or you can message me on fb or email}

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