Saturday, April 2, 2011

march 30-april 3

30-we went to malad today, j laid down n had like 10 treatments at once :) he also had his back put back into place {the simple way, will hopefully get it better soon} the morning didnt start out the best, but got better while we were at the dr. while sitting in the waiting room i was talking to jason, i usually end up having to ask him if he is going to talk to me, and his response- what up playa?! ;) gotta love the little things! after getting home we helped him lay down on the couch, and was getting ready to hook him up to the rife machine, the visiting teachers pulled up {so we waited on the rife treatment} Jason received a blessing {and was sawing logs the entire time!} after the blessing we hooked jason up to the rife and got his treatment in :) OH! ans we got our rife machine today, so no more having to borrow it!

31-last night was a bad night :( jason was complaining of pain, a lot! finally i got some pain meds down him and he calmed down a little...we went to malad again today {we usually go every other day, but the dr isnt in tomorrow} jason did a foot bath {the end result was like a black sludge!} and laid on the table {we do this everytime we go} also put jasons back back into place {simple way, do this every time we go too...} it was hard to get jason talked into leaving, he is always so relaxed while we are there...after the dr we came home {idaho} and jason passed out on the couch...

1-well today was my day off {kinda} i went to logan to get some stuff done, cleaned the house, figured out insurance, got prescriptions refilled, figured out a couple bills, visited some people at work and got my ring cleaned :) {looks so much better! ♥ the little a lil more sparkle} and made a couple appointments...overall very productive day...Jennifer and April were hanging out with jason while i ran over to logan, they informed me it was a bad day, he complained a lot about being in pain, wouldnt eat, drink, or talk to them...but was completely different when i got home...i got him to finish a banana drink some of his chocolate milk {new protein powder mix, has so much more stuff in it than the matrix meal} he sat up talked to me for a little while...and was overall from what im told completely different! April had called me to ask what pain pills to give jason and to tell me that it was his head and his right eye that was hurting him, so i had her run the brain swelling on the rife machine, and she informed me that it made a huge difference that his left side was extremely swollen and hard, but after the rife treatment, it went down, a lot!

2-- well today has been a little rough...while jason was in the shower this morning he was having a really hard time sitting up, kept leaning to the right...couldnt stand, complained a lot of pain, slept most of the day, and was randomly saying uhuh... and talking a lot, but i couldnt make out what he was saying, i dont know if he was dreaming, talking to the tv or what... he still isnt standing...which makes it hard to transfer since he is so much taller than the rest of us! and he definitely wasnt drinking enough today! so we will either be taking him to the hospital for an IV tomorrow or monday {going to see if our dr will hook us up with one} im certain his dehydration has a lot to do with his pain {obviously so does all the tumors, but we have all felt dehydrated{hangover} and know how painful it is}

3-today started out pretty good! jason was talkin a lot this morning before getting out of bed ♥ got him up showered and moved to the couch {where he spends all day} got his morning pills in, with chocolate milk {he was pretty excited about that} he talked the whole time, just his regular self :) his neck has been way bad cramped today, but wouldnt let me rub it any to make it somewhat better...he had a massive leg cramp...he was quiet then just started "fuck, fuck fuck fuuuck" :( but rubbing it seemed to help a lot. he was complaining of pain but all in his leg, so he refused pain pills. he ate some soup for dinner! woohoo! he isnt eating much but more than he was a few days ago! he is hooked up to the rife machine, doing detox, fungal infection and cancer...we got jason to try to stand today before putting him in bed...he could stand pretty well with his left leg but had issues with his right...but at least he attempted to stand, he hasnt stood for us for a few days now :(

we do rife treatments everyday and have recently started doing the detox one every other day. it is hard to get jason to drink enough to flush everything out of him, so im going to see if our dr will hook him up with a saline bag and possibly some Vit C, to help flush all the toxins and dead cancer out! and keep him hydrated. we are still doing ozone every other day, but R had to take his machine back so hopefully we will get it back soon to start back up on them....jason has said he wanted meat so he had a little bit of hamburger the other night {like 5 tiny pieces but enough to satisfy him!} he still hardly eats, so we got new powder with a lot more vitamins and just good stuff for him...we refer to it as chocolate milk, he seems to like it so i try to get him to drink as much of it as possible, he is still on all his vitamins/minerals its just a lot harder to get them all in since he is on the antibiotic...still having issues with his bladder and lately bowels too...but i know he is NOT eating enough to be putting out what he is, so the treatments have to be working! the dead cancer/toxins have to be pushed out of the body somehow and thats whats happening! he has been really weak lately, but who wouldnt be with all the treatments n death of cancer going on in their body?! i really want to get his weight to see where we are at, but that is going to take some time...since he isnt standing like at once he gets some strength back i will update on his weight! the past few days he has been sweating A LOT, so he is ridding his body of toxins that way, just need to get him to drink more so that can help flush them out

after talking to martha{lent us her rife, close friend of the family} she believes that jason doesnt have pneumonia, that it is the broken up cancer cells from his lungs, and the only way to get them out is to hack em up!! and i am believing it! :) {fever n such could be from UTI, so we still need the antibiotic}

thank you all who commenting on the blog! its great to hear from everyone n their reason of reading the blog! {i like hearing how amazing we are} ;) but really we have been surrounded by so much negativity from people since the beginning, its great to have all positive. thank you all for that.

so to answer a few questions-
foot bath- is used to pull toxins out of the body, you can tell where it is detoxing by the color of the water at the far we have been detoxing jason's liver, gallbladder, and tobacco...certain its all the chemo that has been left behind!

jasons swelling- i honestly believe he looks less swollen because of the 20 lbs he has lost in the last 2 weeks...but possibly a little is from the treatments {hopefully}...

his legs..the left one is EXTREMELY smaller than the right, and he is having issues with standing and walking because of his legs getting smaller and weaker...this is happening because jasons body has seemed to have attacked the left side more than the right, with eating away at his muscle...because he doesnt eat enough to stay out of starvation mode..

OH! we are redoing the spot on jason's back...and it is A LOT bigger this go around!!

seem to be having more bad days than good...which makes it difficult to stay positive, but were still working on our miracle and are trying our hardest to stay positive that the outcome will be in our favor, and we will eventually get back to living out lives the way we want!


  1. My heart breaks for all you're going through. I'm glad the home teachers came by and gave Jason a blessing.

    I've thought about buying a rife machine. Dr. Wolmack had us on one for parasites a couple years ago and it seemed to help. I saw one on Amazon but didn't know if it was any good, there are so many.

    Hope Jason can drink enough to flush out the poisons. Thoughts and prayers and only positive ones at that. We love you guys and your family.

  2. Hope, you two are amazing! Dont you ever forget that! I am soo sorry that there are people who are being soo negative and rude. I really cannot believe this! I would like to go beat some sense in them! ;) We read your blogs (well I cant help it), but just always know that you are in our prayers daily, and reading these, I can see that things are working out! You are such an amazing person! Love you! And thanks for answering my questions!

  3. Hope-
    Jason and I went to school together and I've been stalking your blog pretty religiously. I am so moved and impressed with your faith and determination. I'm so glad that Jason has you there fighting every step with him. Don't let the negativity get to you- you know you're doing the best for him. Thank you for taking the time to update us. We wish you the very best.
    Nikki Gardner (stock)

  4. I tried leaving a comment the other day but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I'm Natali Stevenson (use to be Maughan) and I went to school with Jason. You two are so amazing and I love how much faith and determination you have to kick this!Keep fighting and stay positive! I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

  5. We love you guys and are prqying for you continually. We check the blog frequently for any updates. I know it has already been said, but Hope, you are WONDERFUL! Clair and Laura