Saturday, March 12, 2011

its been a while...

so ive kind of gotten "the talk" for not posting lately, but cut me some slack ive been staying at steppy n jesse's and they dont have internet. so to get you all some-what caught up...
We have been in idaho since Feb 25, we came out for a benefit for a family friend and stayed to meet with a natural healer dude...{not the dude from idaho falls}
the benefit was amazing, i love coming from such a tight community that shows so much love and support to one another! but sadly jason seemed pretty miserable during the whole thing, we used his wheel chair that night {for the first time} cause we knew there was no way he would be strong enough to walk across the gym floor, well he was sick of sitting in it about half-way thru the benefit but didnt want to leave. we finally left it around 1030 pm {i believe it went on until midnight} and headed straight over to steppy n jesse's and have been there since {until today we moved up to tim n jennifers}

well we have good days and bad days...i still believe jason has night and day mixed up {which equals no sleep for me!} we usually end up having a 20-30 minute conversation at like 4 am! his head kills every now and again but not as bad as usual, his pupils have gotten smaller {so we can finally see the blue!} but they get bigger when his head hurts. he has fallen a few times :( but i can usually get him up by myself...except for the past few days...yesterday we had to call someone to come help us get him off the floor he was extremely weak..but today was a better day. He is extremely weak on the left side, he cant really lift his left leg up onto the bed he has to use his arms to pull it up, and when he falls he goes down left side first. he still cant see, but a few days ago he told us he could tell where the windows were and asked me to turn off the light when he went to bed because it was bothering him...then the next day it was back to black. but we are still confident his site will come back once we get rid of some tumors in his brain. Were still strong on Jason being Vegan, he doesnt seem to mind it, and there are so many things out there now that you can hardly tell the difference between them n real meat. We were given a cookbook and im pretty excited to try out some recipes! {had to go grocery shopping, well send someone, we are about an hour from a smiths/maceys}

we have a new natural healer dude...{we will call him R} i was feeling good about the one in idaho falls until the last weekly update i gave them...when i got off the phone with them i just had an awful gut feeling, so we now have a new dude :) he started jason on new herbal things, has put him on funky heating pads and hopefully will start some intense treatment here soon {he has to order stuff big enough for jason} our main goal is to raise jason's body temp high enough to kill the cancer. {keep ALL rude and negative comments to yourself we personally know people this has worked on.}the hard part with jason tho is that fact that most of his cancer is in his brain. within 2 hours of being on the heating pads {ill get a pic next time we use them} a bump had showed up under jasons neck, it looked like a blister so i was worried that he had touched the heating pad with his skin {they get effin hot!} BUT!!! we called R he came over and looked at it, and said that he believes its cancer leaving his body {yes R makes house calls, another reason i am more comfortable with him than the other dude that we NEVER saw and NEVER planned on seeing} so we put some lovely black salve on it and now it is NASTY! we are told it is cancer leaving his body because the heating pad pulled it out. {we also personally know someone who has this too! so again keep your comments to yourself}

i think thats really all that has gone on, i havent been able to weigh jason so im unsure of how much he weighs but he looks like he is staying strong at the same weight {hopefully} if i missed something or you have any questions feel free to ask, now that were at tim and jennifers i have internet so i will be able to check regular {and hopefully update}

the handicap sticker is a go! {well sorta} i got the paper from Jason's oncologist just have to make it to the DMV to get it! :) thanks for your help on that! next task is becoming power of attorney...

side note {hate to bring up/ask} but we are in desperate need of help {yes im asking for money} as you all know were not working, and havent been for a while now but obviously the bills dont stop when money stops coming in...and we still have our regular monthly bills on top of prescriptions, herbals, R please...every little bit helps and is GREATLY appreciated...


    Have you guys seen this? Maybe something like this could help?

  2. from my research, that is for children. under the age of 18. jason is 22.