Monday, March 21, 2011

March 13-20

13th- good day! {no falls} Jason's appetite has kind of diminished a little, but he is still eating enough i would say, not nearly as much as he used to but it'll work!

14th-R came over, brought over an Ozone machine. it is hooked to a stethoscope n puts ozone straight into jasons head thru his ears :) its pretty rank, but R has personally cured 2 people with brain cancer with this, so were trying it!! R told us that inside the house to do it for about 15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day {not the healthiest to breath in} but if we did it outside it wouldnt matter much how long we did it. Ozone, is a free radical, so it attaches to other cells, so when jason gets a treatment it attaches to his cancer cells, and kills them. today was a really good day, Jason was up walking much steadier {not by himself} he was eating, wide awake and talking to us A LOT.

15th- Martha a friend of the family came over today, and brought over a Rife Machine. It uses certain frequencies to blast cancer cells! so we gave it a try :) and will keep doing it as long as we need to {and martha will lend it to us :)} also our heating pad came today! so we had jason on it as well. We think we kind of over did it on treatments today...Jason took all of his herbal things, along with the Rife machine, the heating pad and an ozone treatment :) overall it was a good day...until about 9 pm...jason was laying on the heating pad, and got overheated {were unsure how hot he was about 10 minutes after sitting up, drinking water and putting a cold rag on his head, his temp was 99} he couldnt talk, could hardly sit up, honestly i thought he was having a seizure {thank god he wasnt!!} but once we got his temp back down to normal he seemed almost back to his regular self...he was extremely exhausted. So we know we over did it a little today, and will take tomorrow a little easier, but according to jason its a GREAT thing we over did it! were killing the cancer! We have an appointment next tuesday {22} with Dr. West in Pocatello, Idaho. He does everything that R does and more, so were going to go up to him and see what else he recommends. Timari brought to our attention a while ago, Vit C intravenously, it sound promising, but that closest hospitals/drs that i could find were in nevada and Arizona, come to fin out Dr West does them in Pocatello! so we are pretty excited to give it a try.

16th-we did the Rife machine today, for cancer and KNOCKED jason out! after he finished it, he slept for a straight 4-5 hours without budging...we didnt do the ozone and he didnt lay on the heating pad..kinda nervous to over do it again...

17- well this morning started really good..jason started the Rife machine around 9:15, he did the cancer treatment and fungus {they have done research showing that cancer in the brain is caused by fungus} he was up for another hour then passed out, but we know that he needs to sleep to heal so we strongly believe the Rife machine is working! he also did a dose of ozone and is now in bed laying on the heating pad {its 11pm}

18-well last night SUCKED! we were up about every 45 minutes, jason either had to pee needed help moving his leg {he has a really hard time moving his left leg} or just wanted to get up stand for a second then was ready to lay back down! so needless to say jason slept all day and luckily i got a nap in! today started out okay. and got a little worse through out the day...jason received his ozone treatment, Rife treatment and was on the heating pad for most of the day, he slept most of the day but that understandable, he is usually sleeping, but he got overheated again and it took a little longer to get his temperature back down but once we did all was good, he ate cereal for dinner {didnt want to do anything too hot since we were trying to get his temperature down} after dinner he showered and went to bed...

19- Last night was much better we only got up 3 maybe 4 times, which was GREAT!! he ate a banana for breakfast, then has pretty much slept all day, had some salad for lunch and has told me he doesnt want dinner, ill give it another try here in a few minutes tho! we didnt get the rife machine today and jason didnt want to do the ozone so today has been a pretty lazy and unproductive day. He has pretty much slept all day, had a rough morning didnt want to get out of bed couldnt get comfortable, i think he was stressed with yesterdays activities. BUT we have had NO falls today, and i hope i dont jinx it!! it now takes 3 of us to get him up off the floor, but thats not going to stop me from making him walk! we got the little trampoline from steppy n jesses today, jason was doin really good standing on it bouncing a little to keep his lymph nodes working well {since he has none on the left side of his neck it take a little more work} but now we just have him sit up on the couch with his feet on the trampoline and we bounce for him! {every little bit helps} he was awake talking to us for about an hour but has passed out jason wouldnt eat dinner, and we actually DID get the rife machine, just really late {after midnight} but we will take whatever we can get! i ran him on cancer and skin problems then we were out for the night!

20- we started the day out late, well jason did. he finally got out of bed a little after 1. but before getting out of bed he took all of his meds {herbal n morning} and got 2 treatments on the Rife machine {cancer brain swelling} when we finally got him to get out of bed he drank some milk {with some tocotriene complex in it{its new}} then passed out. Tina and Kandice came out to visit today, jason sat up for them for a little while then went back to sleep, he didnt say much just told them he didnt have much to say {who can blame him his life is practically sleeping} we gave jason an ozone treatment, he isnt a big fan because he totally freezes during them but we make it work! he actually ate dinner and had some ice cream after {i made us some vegan no added sugar ice cream which is DELISH!!} he sat up talked to us for a little while, listened to the tv and randomly laughed or said eww {we were watching dexter} and after explaining to him that it was after 11 PM we finally got him to go to bed and now he is out cold!

Jason is still going strong with being vegan {im more vegetarian {STILL?! I KNOW!!}} im still trying very hard to make it that the only sugar he gets is from FRESH fruit and veggies, but its harder than it sounds EVERYTHING has sugar in it, its ridiculous!! his appetite has gone down quite a bit this past week, but he ate more dinner than he has been so im hoping its going to slowly come back, and one of these days im really going to weigh him to see where we at...he is still wide awake talking to me between 4-6 am, which is great he will have a full conversation but WHY cant it be n the afternoon?! :) but ill take what i can get! his personality is coming back a little more each day, which is great!! his eyes arent as puffy {like pushing out of his skull} as they used to be, he still cant see but his pupils are still reacting to light, so im positive that he will get his eyesight back soon. he is still having major issues with his left leg, but earlier today i did see him put it up onto the bed by himself! so he is slowly gaining some strength back! im pushing water as much as i possibly can but he is STUBBORN!! {he needs to drink lots of water to flush the toxins out from the rife treatments, not to mention he just really needs to!}

now i do have pictures of everything that is going on {you all know me, i document EVERYTHING} its just a matter of taking the time to put them on here, but one of these days it WILL happen, i promise!

if you have questions please ask, i know im not going into as much detail as i usually do, but thats because im on an actual computer and not my laptop {i miss my laptop...and home} but when im on my laptop i add random things throughout the day and can be comfortable when typing it all up so i tend to write more and spend more time...


  1. Even though you dont have pictures, its really good to hear that things are going very well! I'm excited about this Rlife machine thing! So the Rlife and Ozone things are two different things? It sounds really cool! I've never heard of anything like this. You two are always in my prayers! Luv ya

  2. I would encourage you to get a Beck blood electrification unit and use that in addition to what you are doing now. The units are fairly cheap, or you can build one- parts list and instructions are not hard to find. I didn't see what kind of RIfe unit you are using, but the better ones use a plasma bulb to send out the rf energy. Check Spectrotek for information on affordable and effective devices.

  3. Sorry, I see I am too late.