Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 21-29

okay i know its late....but its finally here...
21-we weighed jason today, he is 165.5 {down 10 lbs, but took a while to get here} we did the rife machine, for cancer n fungus. it was a pretty lame day, he slept all day. Major pervert when he got into bed ;) {but thats just him!} WEre still pushing water like crazy, and attempting to get him to eat as much as possible, but with the weight loss, i am starting to give him glasses of milk with matrix meal in it to at the very least maintain his weight, but hoping he gains a little. He had an attitude like all day! {towards everything, shower, eating, drinking.} he never complained of a headache but complained of his hips hurting...

22-we went to pocatello today, got high dose IV vitamin C. the ride there was hell, the roads were awful! we went off once but luckily got back on before we hit the mailboxes! {we went thru arbon valley} we were give A LOT of information, and then jason was infused! he was very lethargic, not talking couldnt sit up straight, before the infusion, but perked right up afterwards! :)

23-overall it was a good day, lame one but good, we did the rife machine, and ozone. Jason started having issues with his bladder control, but we are figuring it has to do with the infusion from yesterday hydrated him and is flushing toxins out! :)

24-it was a good day, did rife machine, heating pad. pushing fluids and food as much as i can...along with all of his vitamins...i called the clinic in malad today to see if they do IV Vit C, since its less than half the drive to pocatello...we have an appointment monday to see what they have going on :)

25- well we were supposed to go to pocatello today, but when we got up jason didnt want to...and it was snowing, so after cancelling that appointment, i called malad, and we had an appointment for 3 :) first thing the dr said when he saw jason was-his back is OUT, and i believe he has parasites. While there, the dr took a blood drop and put it under the microscope and showed us everything in his blood, the black cancer cells and parasites {seriously!!} 3 different kinds of parasites so jason is on drops for those, after the blood scan jason had a foot bath, which was crazy, the water started out clear and by the end of it, you couldnt see his feet thru the water!! after the foot bath, jason laid down on a table/bed and received 10 different treatments at once {aromatherapy, light, sound, and lots more i dont remember} i havent seen him that relaxed in so long!! it was great. after an hour on the table he put jasons back, back into place then we were headed home...he ate and was awake the entire ride home! :)) we also got meds for his eyes, which we are hoping will bring back jasons eye site...

26-Jason has had a cough for the past few days but it seems to be getting worse and he is obviously starting to feel worse than before {as if it was possible!}

27-pretty lame day, and usual day, rife, ozone, sleep...he ate a little bit of dinner! tried shoving as much liquid as possible down him, but it gets difficult. Jason informed us when we were getting him into the shower that he could see!!!! only outlines but its much more than what he could see the day before!! later in the day i asked if he could see me, he told me no, then told me it goes in and out {comes and goes} we weighed jason he is 155.5. UGH!!! so giving him even more matrix meal and shoving as much food in him as i can!!

28-today was a BAD day. it started out good, jason got up showered, ate breakfast, did a rife treatment then passed out...then we had an appointment in malad...getting him up toileted and in the car sucked...but was NOTHING compared to how he was at the drs...he couldnt hold his head up, hold his bottle of water, his banana also couldnt we got new drops for his adrenal system, and did a treatment in hopes to give him some energy...didnt seem to help much until after we got home. While at the dr, he put by neck and back back into place, which was AMAZING...until we got home and was getting jason out of the car...BAM! it was out once again... {UGH} we got him onto the couch, he slowly started to come back....i HATE bad days!

29- today was so much better than yesterday!! its amazing! complete turn around. jason slept in, when he got out of bed, we got him showered pills in him, half of a banana and close to 2 cups of milk {soy} with some matrix meal. he has been awake pretty much all day, talking to us...told us he could see! told me i was wearing my glasses... :)) then a little while later it was gone, but once again sight coming and going is more than what we had a week ago! so we will take it!! we did the ozone today and hopefully will have the rife machine tomorrow! :) so jason has pneumonia {yes AGAIN} he is coughing, lethargic {more so than usual} very stuffed up and mucusy, he is coughing up mucus that is the lovely color of green, and sadly doesnt have enough energy to hack it all out of his lungs...he also has a fever that comes and after a couple of phone calls, i got his oncologist {one we no longer see} agree to ordering him some antibiotics {yay right?! HA!} jennifer went to get them for us, she gets there and finds out the drug they ordered is no longer made! {WTF?!} so after waiting almost 2 hours they finally called back with a new drug...jennifer gets home im looking at the bottle and it reads- do not take antacids, iron, or vitamins/mineral supplements within 8 hours before or 4 hours after this medicine. WTF?!? the dr knows that we are doing the natural way of healing {since medical did such a wonderful job!} so obviously we are going to be on a butt load of vitamins/minerals, and we take them around the clock, jason is taking pills when he wakes up in the middle of the night to pee! so after re-figuring the med schedule like 3 different times finally figured a way that will hopefully work for the next 10 days...

i know im not going into as much detail as possible {or as usual}, but finding time to do this and trying to remember it all at once, is DIFFICULT!! {feel free to try it!} so if you have questions please ask, cause im certain if one person has a question theres like ten out there with the same question! :)

Im trying to get jason to eat as much as possible, and when he won eat i am giving him milk/juice with matrix meal in it to hopefully help his weight issue...we have had some major issues with bladder control this week but hoping it will get better soon. still very confident that we are now doing the right thing, and jason will be cured, obviously its going to take some time but will be well worth it! we are doing the ozone every other day, rife machine everyday we get it {but luckily i come from an AMAZING family who all put there change and extra dollars together and came up with the money for one, so jason will get treatment everyday!!}


  1. I think this is detailed enough! :o) and I'm really glad yesterday was much better!

  2. Ok, so I have not followed your blog super close but I always like hearing how things are going. I have not tried mineral oils but my grandmother who has cancer is trying them right now. She says that they at least make her feel better and give her a little more of an appetite. I just wondered if it was something that you had tried.