Tuesday, March 29, 2011


us on st pattys day{actually i believe its the day before}
frankie ♥
not much to say about this one...this is jason :)
bouncing his feet to keep his lymph system workin...we took a banana break!
the ozone machine
ozone...jason refers to it as frozen air...
the rife machine
we switch back n forth hooking it to his feet and hands
after laying on the heating pad for about 2 hours this lovely thing popped up. at first we thought it was a blister...but we were told otherwise!
so we put some black salve on it!

and when we took it off it looked like this...

a day later
a few days later, started to dry out..
getting dryer, pulling cancer out
uber dry, it stayed like this for about a week...
then fell off! i know not a great pic but it will have to do, it just really pink and tender :)

foot bath beginning




  1. what were the foot baths for.... is it a type of treatment! I keep thinking about you guys and coming back and reading and just being in aww! I cant help but have tears running down my face! You two are so incredibly strong and know that you are helping me and so much with your story not only with cancer but being such strong people and huge fighters! Please please know that I think of you two so much! I was so close to Jason my senior year and he was there for me through my hard times. I wish I could be there for him more through his hard times I just dont know how to be there for him other than to pray for him! Hope if there is anything I can do let me know! Thank you for updating us and for being such an amazing person! Well I am just blabbering on (its 4am lol)your always in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!!

  2. By the way, the foot thing? I read a little about it in the other post, but what is it supposed to do? There are so many things i've never heard of before! So its interesting to me! :o)
    (When you have time, no rush)

  3. WOW holy scab cancer thing! Thats awesome that its doing so much, and is pretty crazy!

  4. He looks so different in these pictures! He's not as swollen? Thats awesome that the cancer fell off like that-WOW! Im Kyler KElsey's cousin :) I love your blog and wish the best for you guys :)

  5. I did a foot bath once....but mine looked way more nasty than that. By the end it was black!! I have also heard really good things about black salve, its amazing what it can do.