Friday, September 3, 2010

we're home...

sad day! we got home sept 2..we departed Hawaii the 1 n had 3 different layovers!! ugh! i will NEVER do that again! but we had such an AMAZING time!! LOVED every minute of it! n definitely plan on going back!!
we flew out of Arizona the 25 bright n early, arrived in Hawaii n spent the day at the hotel, we were exhausted! the time change totally kick our butts! {they are 4 hours behind us here{utah}} Thursday we hung out at the beach, had a blast. Friday we had the rehearsal dinner for timaris wedding, then jason went to the bachelor party! Saturday was the wedding, which was gorgeous! pretty much came to the conclusion my next wedding will be on the beach! :)) sunday we went to peral harbor and then a loauo with grandpa, chris n mike. Monday the guys went fishing, and reuben {cousins hubby} caught a HUGE marlin! it was 12 feet long 600lbs!! while they were fishing us girls went shopping hung out on the beach, went on a booze cruise, pretty much just had a good time! :) tuesday we drove around the island {ohau} stopped at the valley of the temples, some truck thing to at lunch, a macadamia nut farm, a couple beaches, Giovannis shrim truck {which EVERYONE should stop at! so good!!}

the first day we went exploring, i was taking pictures, and found out my camera had DIED it would take the pic, but the pic was all white, and you can kind of see the outline, so we have NO pictures :(( but the people we went with are all pretty much amazing and are going to hook us up with photos :) probably wont be for a few weeks, when we go back to arizona, but better late than never!!

as soon as i get the photos ill post them! :)

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  1. That sound so fun! I'm glad you guys had a good time! The pearl harbor thing would be so awesome to see!!!