Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anatomy of Jason's tumors...

I have been asked a few times where all of Jason's tumors are located, and really haven't looked into it too much, until now. I got copies of all of the reports from jasons scans the last time we were in Arizona, so now i can tell you where all for the tumors are located!

Brain {about 8 tumors}
12 mm{9/15/10} previously 6mm {8/3/10} Left medial temporal lobe.
Temporal lobe-hearing.
10 mm{9/15/10} previously 6 mm {8/3/10} Right posterior temporal lobe.
Temporal lobe-hearing.
there is now edema surrounding involving these 2 lesions
6mm {9/15/10} previously 4 mm {8/3/10} right frontal parasagittal
Adjacent to the temporal lobe.
7 mm {9/15/10} previously 3 mm {8/3/10} right posterior parietal
Parietal-sensory, motor, pain, heat, touch
10 mm {9/15/10} previously 7 mm {8/3/10} right occipital lesion
2.9 cm stable lesion {9/15/10} left posterior frontal {main tumor}
{compairable to a cherry or grape}
Frontal- emotions, personality, morality, intellect, speech
1.9 cm stable {9/15/10} right frontal lobe
frontal, emotions, personality, morality, intellect, speech
Vasogenic edema surrounding these 2 lesions appear improved slightly
9 mm stable {9/15/10} right cerebellar lesion
Cerebellum- muscle tone, equilibrium, walking, dancing

3.2 cm lobular in right lower lobe. {9/14/10} Which previously measured 1.8 cm {6/25/10}

Abdomen and pelvis

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