Monday, September 20, 2010

Bees game!

this post is forever overdue, but ive had no motivation lately to update the blog, so please forgive!
since we didnt get the BBQ in our backyard for Jason's birthday, KBER wanted to send us to a bees game, and hook us up with a suite, n some food! {n you cant pass up free food!}
we had a lot more fun that we had expected! we got to take 12 friends but had a couple back out at the end, so we took 11 :) after the game there was a butt load of fireworks, and a SNAP presentation! {OMG!! i hope they get paid lots}
view from our suite!
the group! we had a great time, n hope that everyone else did too!

for some reason i didnt take a pic of the suite, which is odd, since im like a photo freak..but oh well..

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