Monday, August 23, 2010

Arizona 8-23-10

TODAY!! well we just got done with treatment :) this morning was pretty slow...our first appointment wasnt until 11:45 {we thought it was earlier} were staying with timari so we had her drop us off on her way to we waited for a couple hours before actually having to do anything! When it was finally time to meet with people, jason had labs done then we had an hour to kill {so we ate lunch} we met with the dr. {not ours he isnt here mondays...but thats ok we will see him in 3 weeks.} he told us the labs looked great! {so we coudl have another treatment} We told him about the pain in jasons side, and said that we think it might be his appendix, he told us if it keeps giving him toubles to call! but if nothing too horrible happens we will be okay to wait until next time and Jason will have a full body scan, to show whats causing the pain. after that we met with our nutritionist, naturopathic dr, and our care manager.
OH!!! i guess we havent shared this with our blog stalkers! we are totally going to Hawaii! :)) timari {my cousin} is getting married, and totally hooking us up! we fly out of AZ this Wednesday {August 25} we are uber excited!! :) i think thats all i have to tell you! :))

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  1. I'm so glad that the appointment went well!!! Gosh you guys leave tomorrow I think! EEK excited for you, and uber jealous! haha you'll have soo much fun! I better see lots of pictures!