Tuesday, April 6, 2010


we had our dinner last night...{at the coppermill...YUM} we had a really good time, it was nice visiting with everyone!! AND we got the goodies from the auction! the outcome was pretty much amazing!!! {thanks everyone!!!} we were given a couple of things that were paid for and the people just gave them to us....a cookbook, and {this ones my fav!} the gentleman who won the pearl necklace paid for it, took it home, and then later brought it back, and told jasons aunt that he would like to give it to jason to give to his wife!!! :)) so i am now the proud owner of a beautiful pearl necklace! :) which i LOVE!!!the benefit dinner, auction, raffle thing is in idaho this friday {april 9} at 6 pm, we are uber excited for it!! we have been told a few things that have been donated to it, and cant believe the generosity of people!!!

we appreciate all the generosity that has been showed towards us in this hectic time! we dont know how we would get through this without everyones help!! we appreciate it all so much!!

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