Tuesday, April 6, 2010


so i have recently realized how lame i really am... lol... i was uber excited for a new vacuum!!! {i know...sad} but i LOVE it!! haha our old vacuum was a hand me down...that pretty well sucked... and im pretty sure it didnt stand up on its own anymore...{you had to lean it up against the wall, and it would scare the crap out of you if it fell randomly throughout the night!!!} well enough about the old...tiem for the new!!! :) its a shark! and really funky shaped...lol but i like it!!! it works like three different ways... as a regular vacuum, a hand held, and with the hose.. :) and its bag less!!! {so no extra costs!!} also its compared to a dyson and like not even a third of the cost!!! :))

we, well jason vacuumed the living room after putting it together... and i had vacuumed a few days before...so i was in shock when he showed me this!!! NASTY!!! later i vacuumed the stairs... and it is a wonder to why we are NOT bald!!!! lol we could have made like 3 different full size wigs!! haha

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  1. Oh Hopey! If you are pathetic because you got a new vacuum then I dont know what I am! you should have seen me when I got my new carpet shampooer thing. I was like a little kid on Christmas! ha ha. Hope everything is going ok! much love!