Friday, March 19, 2010

well its been a while...not much has been going on... the silent auction at the home and garden show is today and tomorrow! and there is a benefit dinner, auction, raffle thing in Stone, Idaho on April 9..

we went to the movies the other day with randy, tina, whit, n greyson..watched alice in wonderland {friggin weird movie!} lol it was very that you needed to be high to enjoy! lol

i straightened jasons hair the other night {holy long!} hopefully it wont take much more time to grown long enough to donate! mine is buggin me too! but im waiting until jasons is long enough then we are both going to donate our hair {i dont want jason to have longer hair than i, that would be weird!..thats why im waiting}

We went up to the silent auction today to take a look around, see what was all donated... theres so much stuff!!! a lot of fun stuff, i hope everyone who goes feels the same way! {if not we informed deb we have first dibs! lol} we were told that there was even more things that had been donated that werent there... so they were going to give them to us and we would fill our night by putting them on KSL or Ebay or something like that.. {which will be nice, give us something to do} everything was/is set up really nice, altho the main sign for the benefit, is wrong, jasons cancer is metastasized melanoma to the brain lungs and esophagus, not cancer of each.. {i know it doesnt seem there is a difference...but there is.} im way excited to see how it all turns out!!

we havent had much drama the past week {thank goodness!} altho i feel like i have been forgotten, put aside... im treated as if i dont exist, i have no name, and that i am not a part of this. i personally feel that i am the person {next to Jason} that is feeling this the most, i am the one that is here with him every day every night, throught the good moments and the bad, im the one that is holding his hair back while he is vomitting, im the one sitting in the hospital with him for an entire week! {when others wont visit!!} IM HERE!!! I AM A PART OF THIS!!! {i just want people to realize this.and start treating me as if they know!!}

Thats pretty much all that has been going on with us the past week, we have just been working our lives away!!

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