Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Im done...

well i vented yesterday...and im not going to make me feel better!!! but i am DONE i cant handle the please keep your drama to yourself {i am sick of it!} i just hope that everyone reads the last post and know where we stand with all the stuff they say about us... it starts done with the crap that has been going on. and i surely hope everyone else is done with the drama as well...lets all be adults and leave that stuff for the high school girls!!! {thats where it belongs!}

last night the yw and ym of Jason's Ward in Nibley brought us so much stuff!!! {they had a scavenger hunt} its amazing how many people come out of the wood work when your in a rough situation!! THANK YOU!!!

so i found out today that we have ANOTHER ad on the radio {kix 96, its a local station} i still havent heard the first im listening to nothing but that station so i can hear it!! :)

thanks again everyone for everything! we appreciate it all so much!!

LOVE Hope n Jason


  1. well i just read the last 2 posts and i am so sorry you feel betrayed. I hope we havnt done anything to offend you guys. we have been working really hard and i have been doing this for jason with no ill will or bad thoughts. i hope you would call me too! (i invited you to my blog today)

  2. I just posted a comment, but I think I posted to a prior date. So I will try again.

    This is the first time I have seen your blog, and I think it is great. I also wanted to let you know that the radio group is working on putting an ad together right now to play on all radio stations to promote the silent auction we are hold at the home & garden show next weekend.

    It will be fun to hear the spot on the radio. We hope it draws a lot of people to the booth to bid on the wonderful things that local businesses have donated. We are very grateful to all that have been so generous.

    I also wanted to add to the above comment regarding your last two posts as well. We hope that we have not done anything to offend as well. We have all been very concerned for Jason and have been trying to do all we can to help.

    I like your attitude of leaving this behind. It is a good idea as you never know if what you hear is what was really said to begin with.

    Also know that we are unable to make personal calls from your work, and evenings are usually very busy. This is why we don't call much, but we will try harder, and this is a great way to communicate too. Please also call us if you need anything. Please also call us if you feel we have done something to offend.

    We wish you both the best.

    We are very excited for the Silent Auction and hope you will both be able to come up to the show and visit your booth for a while if up to it.

    Love Kay