Sunday, January 3, 2010


I got rid of my precious HUMMER!!! :(( I now drive a grand prix, which is still really nice...but its not my HUMMER!!! but it was the right mature, responsible thing to do... i think the thing i hate about it the most is the looks n questions i get from people when they find out its gone, its pretty much the {i told you so} look, and questions such as { oh, you couldn't afford it? it got too expensive?} Friggin annoying! NO!! that isn't why i got rid of it at all!!!
I really wish that it would {STOP SNOWING!!!} i could handle it with the {HUMMER}, and i can handle it here in {logan} but now that we are going to be driving down to sat lake, starting here in a couple days, i am {not looking forward to it!} BUT!!! i do have my {tom tom} with the hospital already saved to the {favorites} so i will be getting turn by turn directions the entire way!! :)) thank goodness or I'm sure we would get lost in a heart beat!!

We heard from the Dr.s last week, Jason will be having surgery on Thursday{possibly Friday}{1/7, 1/8}. We have to go down to SLC on Wednesday {1/6} for pretty much pre-op. they're going to do another MRI and make a frame less mask{not sure!!} i don't think I'm ready for it to begin, this is all so much easier to deal with when we are at home, all alone...we pretty much just forget about it{as if it never happened}. When we go out its usually with family, and they pretty much dwell on this, and constantly ask how are you feeling?, when do you go?, do you need anything?, a ride down? {then they are amazed that i am taking him to the hospital {weird!}} i know they all mean well, but... leave us be!! talk to the other family members who have already asked, or better yet listen the first time!!!! I try to stay strong, and when i do break down they are very small, and NEVER in front of Jason...but yesterday was just too much for me,and i ended up having a {ball fest} on Jason's chest for like 45 minutes.... and it helped {lol} he reassures me that everything is going to be fine...but its still so overwhelming. And a girls got to worry!!! Were supposed to go to a baby blessing today {1/3} but as of last night Jason said no, yesterday was too long with all of his family {greys baptism} and its just overwhelming with all the questions. {so, sorry Melissa! i don't believe we will be making it!}

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