Monday, January 18, 2010

So i just realized that it has been forever since i have posted anything. Well, not much has happened since the last update but here goes... Jason is officially off of steroids!! :)) yay... and he also has gotten his anti siezure medication dosage cut in half {starting today} which is WONDERFUL!! his drugs were/are making him crazy!!He cant hold still, he SHAKES so much! has lost his temper a couple of times {which im sure come with the situation more so than the drugs} but ill blame the drugs! :) and he has broken out in {hives} :(( so im hoping that the hives will finally leave and he will calm down a bit! And now that he is off the steroids he can start he {IL2} well in two weeks he can. on a good note, we will be on a {ship} on our way to Mexico this time next week :)) so excited!!! Thanks to Jasons wonderful aunt n aAr n Ray :)) We cant wait we are so ready for a vacation, to relax and get away from reality for a little while, before the torture begins!!

We finally got a date to start chemo... we will be going down the the Huntsman on sunday {feb 7} we have to be there arond 5ish... and they will hook him up to an IV and start antibiotics.. the real stuff will begin Monday morning, around 6 they will insert a port into his arm, and later that morning {9ish} they will give his first treatment, they are planning on doing 3 treatments a day, and hoping to get 12 done in the week that we are there {it all depends on jasons blood count, water weight gain, and urine output}. They say that he wont really notice the chemo until the second or third day... and will probably be sick for a good 7 days or so... :((

Im not really looking forward to the chemo beginning, it will make it all so real... when we are home it pretty much doesnt exist. And it is so hard to believe that this could result in death. He seems fine when were home, except the cough {that we both have had} i guess im just not ready for it to become reality... im content with it not existing!!

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